(Free Press Release) Remote Consulting USA announced today that it has entered the on-shore outsourcing industry by offering mainframe applications and systems development resources nationwide to American corporate IT departments. Using the nation‘s top echelon of seasoned professional mainframe applications and systems developers, Remote Consulting USA‘s resources help corporate IT departments reduce their cost of mainframe applications and systems development by providing the following cost saving initiatives:

• Cost reductions from not having to provide or maintain office space and facility resources
• Cost reductions from not having to pay for employee benefits
• Reduced project completion timelines from having project specific resources
• Deliverables produced and scrutinized by tenured American IT professionals
• Lack of any language barriers or phonetics issues when communicating project specifics
• Cost reductions from not having to provide software licensing for temporary resources

Remote Consulting USA provides access to all of these cost saving initiatives by providing remote consulting for applications and systems development while adhering to industry standards for SDLC and utilizing CMMI principles and ISO policies and procedures.

Remote Consulting USA offers a wide range of technical expertise across multiple computer platforms and environments. Whether implementing new business intelligence systems or modernizing existing legacy applications, Remote Consulting USA has the resources and expertise to propel your development initiatives to completion ahead of schedule and well under cost.

Remote Consulting USA‘s mission -

• To deliver enterprise level business solutions through the development of world-class applications and systems integrations focused on increasing our client‘s ROI and business success.

Remote Consulting USA‘s customer pledge -

• To do whatever it takes to deliver the solutions your company needs in order to maximize your business potential and do so in a manner that dramatically increases your ROI for applications and systems development.

Contact Remote Consulting USA today to find out how they can reduce your company‘s IT development costs and increase your overall ROI for applications and systems development. Visit them at http://remoteconsulting-usa.com

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