Shandong, China; 08, December 2014: The professional graphite part manufacturer, Cosin Graphite Parts Company is pleased to announce the availability of graphite parts for industries to gain an ability to manufacture different products in an interrupted manner. For their good thermal and electrical conductivity, and very little thermal expansion, these parts made of graphite have varied applications in various industries. Now, industries can procure these parts as per their requirements and custom needs as and when needed.

The spokesperson of the company maintains that they have upgraded the production capacity and maintain a ready stock of graphite products and parts to supply them immediately to industrial clients all over the world. In many fields, such as in the optical fiber processing, these parts are used in the graphite heaters. Since the graphite composites are highly desirable in a variety of industrial processes, many industries need them to procure immediately to carry out their production work. For all such industries, Cosin Graphite is offering an assurance to provide the parts when needed.

Cosin Graphite supplies products as per the client’s specifications, which enable industries to carry out their custom production and development works. The engineers of the company can develop highly complex composite structures that can precisely meet the client’s requirements. These products can provide a perfect thermal insulation and can keep performing for years without encountering any technical issue.

The company has also mastered the production of graphite moulds that are increasingly used today in the production of diamond tools. These moulds are used for drill blades and saw blades for their high thermal resistance. For perfect sintering, the moulds are used by the industries, producing diamond tools.

With the low-cost and timely delivery of different types of products made of graphite, Cosin Graphite intends to fuel the growth of the industries of the present times. Moreover, they focus more on custom developments and boast of supplying products that exactly meet the client’s specifications. To learn more about different products, they have in their portfolio, one may visit the website

About Cosin Graphite Parts Co. Ltd:

Cosin Graphite is a professional manufacturer of carbon graphite parts in China. The company was founded in1992, and for over 20 years, it has been supplying various kinds of carbon graphite parts for domestic and foreign customers. The products include graphite dies, graphite moulds, graphite crucibles, graphite heaters, graphite components and other graphite parts etc. The company enjoys a good cooperation with several of the famous carbon graphite companies, such as SGL carbon, TOYO Tansu, TOKAI carbon etc in the world.

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