Cosmopolitan Collection has officially announced the new and inventive material behind the construction of their famous makeup organizer.

“It’s the same material that holds back millions of gallons of water in aquariums,” points out Rob Bowser, spokesman of Cosmopolitan Collection, “and no, it wasn’t cheap for us to implement, but we only want the best for our customers.” Bowser is hitting on the hard to ignore benefits of acrylic resin, the brand new material used exclusively in the company’s popular cosmetic organizer and makeup storage.

With drawers that slide in and out easily coupled with ergonomic handles, many verified-purchase reviewers on have commented on the quality of Cosmopolitan Collection’s makeup organizer. Being made of the durable acrylic resin, Her Pow also publically noted in their Amazon makeup organizer listing that the makeup organizer is shatterproof, scratch resistant, waterproof, and easily washable. All of the previously listed features are attributed to the new and innovative clear acrylic resin used in their production process.

Cosmopolitan Collection exclusively makes high quality, transparent acrylic makeup organizers and sells them to passionate customers on With over 100 positive reviews, many customers are taking note of the new material used by Cosmopolitan Collection. The cosmetic storage set includes four drawers that reviewers have taken the time to measure and record; see the reviews here. Furthermore, the acrylic system features 12 lipstick spaces, three makeup brush spaces, and a detachable top section.

The Cosmopolitan Collection make up organizer can currently be found on with a limited-time discount at $36.99 (usually $59.99). Customers can also enjoy a wish list, 1-click ordering, and free shipping on Amazon on all orders over $49. To discover more about the makeup organizer from Cosmopolitan Collection as well as their new acrylic resin material, visit the link
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