Cosmopolitan Collection recently launched a transparent acrylic makeup organizer and has already proudly broken their pre-summer marketing goals. In celebration, Cosmopolitan Collection is not popping open bottles of champagne, nor is the company handing out bonuses to their dedicated employees. The makers of the Cosmetic Organizer and Makeup Storage are celebrating their achievement by setting new and more ambitious goals for the coming season.

250 reviews with an average of 4 stars or better is Cosmopolitan Collection’s reviewed goal that they plan to reach before December 21st, 2016. The company’s spokesman, Rob Bowser, admitted that the goal is ambitious; however, he commented that their business has done the impossible before. Currently at 143 reviews and 4.4 of 5 stars, the company is well on its way.

Specializing in making acrylic makeup organizers that are injection molded with acrylic resin, Cosmopolitan Collection claims their product’s design and quality is what allows them to shatter their marketing goals consistently. The product is optimized to be spacious, allowing for easy washability and large volumes of storage space for cosmetics. The organizer also features 4 drawers, 16 conveniently designed storage areas, and ergonomic drawer knobs that are frequently commented on in reviews from happy customers.

When prompted why the Company is celebrating their achievement, Bowser responded with ambition, “Why not celebrate? We expect nothing but greatness in this company and every employee loves their job. To settle for anything but the absolute best would be a crime for [Cosmopolitan Collection], so we’ll keep moving forward with our dreams, making the best makeup storage devices in the world.”

The acrylic makeup organizer is currently on sale for $36.99 on Amazon as well as coupled with a 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee. To learn more about this product and company, visit
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