The Cosmopolitan Collection has officially released to the public 3 reasons why the company’s acrylic makeup organizer and cosmetic storage makes the perfect gift for any woman on any celebratory occasion. With Mother’s Day behind, many customers are already considering the incredible deals that could pop up between now and Christmas.

Reason 1: Innovation
Those receiving the gift can expect to find a material quality that is indicative of an innovative improvement in the Cosmopolitan Collection production process for the cosmetic organizer. The acrylic makeup organizer is now produced with a transparent acrylic resin that is injection molded for optimal transparency and durability. Customers have frequently commented on the quality of the company in this respect with their reviews on Amazon.

Reason 2: Convenience
Any woman who is gifted with the makeup organizer can also expect to find that the entire product is easy to wash and clean with soap and water. Conveniently designed specifically to be spacious and prevent makeup build up in corners, the organizer's acrylic resin is completely waterproof and wipes down to a lustrous and completely transparent finish.

Reason 3: Ease of Use
Those who receive the Cosmopolitan Collection’s organizer should also be surprised to find highly ergonomic drawer knobs as well as gliding drawers that move in and out of their spaces quickly. Since the makeup organizer is injection molded, the pieces fit perfectly together while the finish on the acrylic allows for less friction than most organizers.

Since the release of the Cosmopolitan Collection’s acrylic makeup organizer, it has received 143 positive reviews on that average 4.4 out of 5 stars. Hundreds of happy buyers have loved the organizer's exclusive features, and many reviewers claim to have purchased this gift for their daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and even friends and other family members. Discounted for a limited time, the makeup organizer is currently available on Amazon.

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