Cosmopolitan Collection, the designers and producers of a luxury injection molded acrylic make up organizer, revealed that they are distributing their Makeup Organization Guide at no cost as proof of their passion to aesthetic cosmetics organization.

In their awe-inspiring mission statement released in mid-May of 2016, Cosmopolitan Collection describes that organization is an art, stating, “Cosmopolitan Collection has defined its mission and set its course by offering women and men everywhere the most creative and innovative make up organizers in terms of quality, aesthetics, and ease of use. Organization is our art.” Cosmopolitan Collection’s spokesman, Rob Bowser, went on to say, “We designed our make up organizer to be beautiful. People need to know how to use it, so we’re giving that information out for free.” The company has an adamant conviction to not only make great organizers but to educate their customers as well. In line with their values and mission statement, Cosmopolitan Collection is giving away their organization guide on a No-Strings-Attached situation, meaning that anyone can receive this information without buying the company’s acrylic make up organizer. Find the free guide below:

Makeup Organization Guide

Bowser revealed that Cosmopolitan Collection was also giving this information away as a form of celebration since the company had officially sold their organizer to the homes of over 250 passionate women and men. The acrylic make up organizer includes 4 ergonomic drawers, 12 spaces for lipstick, 1 space for nail polish, 3 reservoirs for brushes and pallets, and more of which the free guide describes. The make up organizer is custom designed to be highly attractive when used correctly.

While the guide is intended specifically for the company’s organizer, they proclaim that the setup can be utilized for any organizer of similar design. Cosmopolitan Collection’s make up organizer can now be found for $36.99. Amazon also offers wish lists for those who would like to view the guide first.

Click the link to find out more about Cosmopolitan Collection and their acrylic make up organizer:
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