In England, UK, it is common for some people to plan couples parties in Lincolnshire for the purpose of reuniting a group of friends who have been busy and had not been together for a while. So, it can mean having lots of fun and doing things that you won’t be able to do in a children’s party.  Throwing a couples party can also guarantee teasing, inside jokes, laughter, and everything couple-y.  Once you’ve decided to plan this kind of party, your mind is already busy thinking what should the theme be and how should you do it?


To give you some theme ideas for your couples parties in Lincolnshire, listed below are some examples. One of the purposes of couples parties is to break the ice, because there are some people who are not comfortable mingling with strangers.


Fondue Party

This is an ideal couples parties Lincolnshire theme for couples, as this is about an intimate dinner. Fondue is a dining style where foods such as meat, seafood, fruit or bread are dipped into different kinds of sauces before they are eaten.  Pour sauces to different mini fondue pots; keep them warm by having a burner underneath. Put pieces of food on a platter nearby.  They are to be picked using special utensils which you will hand to guests as they arrive at the door.


Dessert Tasting

Dessert tasting is a whimsical approach to your planned party.  Decorate your desserts in red, purple and white, which are the colors of Valentines Day.  Couples should also bring their favorite desserts to the venue, and you will display them at various parts of the house so the couples will not stay in the same place the entire evening.  They should taste the dessert together.  Also make a garland of paper hearts and put them as decors around your home.


French Fete — Tous

Couples parties Lincolnshire can also have a French theme.  The French word “tous”(pronounced like a number “two”) means “everyone” or “all”. Make a banner with wordings “Celebrating Tous” and hang it in a place that is easily visible from the front door.  Include in your plans a wine tasting while playing French movies in the background.  Serve a host of pastries and French cheese on baguettes. 


Couples parties, where you can expect so much fun, are very much different from fetish parties Lincolnshire.  If you are attending your first fetish party, you will discover that what you can expect is very much dependent on whose party you are attending, and what your fetish is, like for example, dressing up or shoes, a fireman’s outfit, or fur. Fetish parties Lincolnshire do not have to be what many people think: that are like some sex-mad freaks.  Some of the folks who frequent such parties are seen wearing attires that look like life size stuff toys. Those who have been to some fetish parties in Lincolnshire can say that these are not orgies or free for all’s, but just what you are comfortable with.  However, as mentioned before, it depends on which fetish parties in Lincolnshire you go to.


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