is the latest entrant into a booming Indian e-commerce environment.

New Delhi - 23 Oct 2015- is a new ecommerce site that hopes to cater to the Indian millennial generation with its hot new fashions, blazing high tech electronics, and even home electronics!  The website looks to provide consumers with the very latest in fashion and electronics, selling everything from much in demand activist tees to traditional clothing with a modern feel.

“We had this idea to cater to a growing market of twenty-something's who are upwardly mobile, keenly aware of fashion culture, and enormously attached to their electronics,” says spokesperson Mr. Kumar.  “We decided to curate those products that best represent what modern India is all about.”

Cozons is one of the trendiest online shopping fashion sites that also offers a one-stop shopping experience for people to purchase both fashions for their bodies, but also electronics for their home.  Cozons offers free shipping and cash on delivery in order to make the online shopping experience fun and hassle-free!

“There are many places to shop in India,” says Mr. Kumar.  “What makes Cozons a different type of shopping experience is that we've gone out of our way to find the types of products that our target audience is demanding.  We did a lot of market research before we designed our site and stocked our 'online shelves' because we wanted to be the go-to shopping experience for the Indian consumer.”

From electronics to appliances to clothing—Cozons has its customers covered with high style and affordable pricing.”

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Company Name- Cozons India Pvt Ltd.
Contact Person- Praveen Kumar
Phone- 8285749407
Email- [email protected]
Website -
Noida, UP, India