Craft Beer and Reality TV for Women

When video artist, Sharyn Bey caught the 'craft beer buzz' she discovered it was no longer taboo for a woman to gain entry to the male dominated brewery business. While there’s nothing unusual about reality shows or craft beer, telling the story from a women’s point of view might be.  It wasn’t long before Sharyn began filming her fascinating reality TV show “Hoppy Trails.”
Award winning videographer, Sharyn Bey ‘s interest in hand-crafted beer was piqued when she found herself standing in line at a convenience store in Vermont. As she recalls, “there were at least a dozen folks excitedly chattering about the imminent arrival of a unique beer they called Heady Topper. I was mystified!”

As it turned out, the crowd was anticipating the release of a fresh batch of hand-crafted beer produced by the local Alchemist Brewery. Although Bey was not at all familiar with micro-brews, she wondered about the cultural significance of seemingly regular, ordinary people lusting after a “home town” brew.

“While standing in line, I was both mystified and entertained by the small crowd’s Christmas morning vibe, so asked what all the commotion was about?  My questions were met with an almost religious fervor as several fans eagerly described the nutty flavor, the tone and ironically, the “heady” feeling as they waited to pick up their Heady Topper beer, which was about to arrive on a truck from nearby Waterbury, Vermont.

The whole episode really piqued my interest. So I reached out to local brew masters, stepped into their world and was immediately struck by the passionate story that is the art and craft of beer brewing; a love story that needed to be told”!

Along the way, Sharyn discovered increasing numbers of women were becoming brew-masters, just as more and more women were becoming filmmakers than ever before! Making films about a formerly male dominated industry from a female perspective seemed particularly fresh and attractive.

Determined to complete the project by 3rd quarter of 2017 before distributing to the respective networks, Bey says, “Hey I tell stories as good as any man, whether it's about beer or anything else, but I find that a woman’s perspective brings a unique point of view.

Before Sharyn opened the doors to Sharyn Bey Productions, she worked as a travel journalist, delivering for The Travel Channel and Yelp.

"Hoppy Trails" is currently in development with a targeted date of spring 2017.

To learn more about Sharyn Bey and Hoppy Trails, contact her at [email protected]

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