Compare and contrast essay is probably one of the most interesting and challenging essay types. The main goal of this essay type is to contrast or compare two items. While comparing/contrasting the chosen items it is necessary to discover and then describe their similarities or dissimilarities. Generally, such essay can be only contrasting (when you need to describe the difference) or comparative (when you need to focus on similarities only). However, there are essays that require both contrast and comparison.

Compare and contrast essays have a great educational value. While working on this type of academic paper, students learn to notice differences and similarities of objects or notions. Such essays help increase critical thinking and analysis. The main aim of this essay type is to improve analytical skills of students.

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Unfortunately, a post-writing phase is neglected by many students. By checking this information you will learn how to improve your paper. In addition, you will find information on how to organize your essay, as well as recommendation on using cue words used to signifying comparison ( like: by analogy, as well, similar to, likewise, etc.) or contrast (on the other hand, however, conversely, although, etc). The proper usage of cue words is crucial because they help make an essay more logical and coherent.

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