21, August 2015: What make human different from other creatures in the world? It’s the creation. With creation, human beings stood up and started to search for the mysteries in the sea or high above the sky. And also with creation, people try to amaze the world with their craftwork. The city roads have been the target of many artists who have created many wonderful paintings, and the city roads are the target of Airwheel who creates its road craftwork for citizens.


On these roads, different elements are painted to match the surroundings and offer people the splendid visions never existing before, like cliff above rapid rivers with only one rope linking either sides, or the beast cave with the giant spider seeing inside. All the paintings are large enough to cover a huge area and the contents of them covers all things that arouse people curiosity like hell, universe, caves and even castle in the air. Here the creation gives people the joy and surprises people never have before.


Likewise, Airwheel aims to be the artisan who focuses on the creation and provide consumers with the products that are not only vehicles but also the craftwork amazing people. There was hardly breakthrough in traditional city transport before Airwheel firstly introduced the intelligent self-balancing scooters into the daily city life. And then Airwheel introduced its new product series of A series sitting-posture intelligent scooters, in which first model is Airwheel A3. For the first time, the innovative design of ergonomic seat was added to the electric self-balancing scooters. The sitting-posture ridding of electric scooters has come. And for offering more comfort to consumers, Airwheel developed electric brake system and adopted the professional hydraulic suspension system in A3.

The Airwheel A3 is thought to be the benchmark in the history of intelligent scooters. For more information of A3, please visit www.Airwheel.net

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