USA - For those people who do not know about the drinking method for red wine, they will directly add ice cube into the glass of their red wine. For those people who really know how to drink the red wine, they will take one ice cube bucket and then directly put the whole red wine bottle into the bucket. In short, the correct method for wine drinking is always relatively cumbersome.

However, the recent released newly product which name is soapstone ice cube from could help each people cool their red wine very convenient and easily. This product was created by a group of people who really understand drinking for red wine and the former complied ice bucket could be totally avoided with the help of this newly wine cooling device.

This stuff is a cork which attached with a long bar at the bottom of it. The material of the long bar could be varied but most of them are hollow and been filled with water or other cooling liquid which does not have any harmful influence to people¡¯s body. People need to firstly put this long bar into the refrigerator for more than two hours and let it freeze. Before drinking the red wine, they could put this long bar into the wine bottle and then this freeze long bar could help to achieve better cooling effect. On the other hand, people should not worry about the dissolving of ice cube which will damage the taste feeling of red wine as the freeze liquid into the long bar has been totally sealed by the outer shells.

There are also another remarkable feature of Stainless steel ice cubes which is that it can be reused by many more times. It has been said that one fully freeze chilling rod could keep the icy temperature of one big bottle of red wine for more than one hour. Plus with the cork on the top of lone bar, it will be very convenient for people to be able to plug the bottle. If people want to pull out of the icy wine, they could only re-open the cork. It can be said a very clever little idea. This small trick could help each people save a lot of time for preparing the ice tube bucket.

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