Internet marketing is one of the best online businesses to help you start. It can be started literally immediately and you should see profits in as little as a week! But if that's the case, then why do you find so many people struggling to make it? Why are so many earnest IMers working so hard and earning nothing for their efforts? These are not questions that can be simply answered by Internet Marketers. Nope, it's on the outside edge of it. Just like all of the other businesses out there, IM functions on a set number of principles. If you can't grasp even these most basic principles and fix up your basics in the beginning, then obviously you aren't going to see any honest results headed your way. In the following article we discuss three useful tips for newbies who want to set up a strong foundation before they start on their IM journey...

Being an Internet marketer, you can do without your own site, and you'll find internet marketers that earn a regular income just through free blogs or driving traffic to their affiliate products. Yet, if you desire to develop a real business presence, then you have to scrap the money together for buying your own way.

One thing that can cause problems is the fact that you do not own your site if you are using free sites hosted by others. You can get a great domain for under $10 for an one year registration, so that can be easily done. Like I said, you may end up building a brand, so choose a name that you feel is brandable.

One thing as it pertains to article marketing is that some have not moved on and are stuck. Years ago people wrote garbage articles in quantity and published them in the article directories, but that does not fly anymore. Simply never allow yourself to write anything that would be rejected by anyone under any circumstances. If you are not familiar with the concept of article syndication, then you should because that is really what works now with this area. Go for branded sites that are well known, and give your own twist to article marketing and make it stand out from the rest.

If you're building backlinks for your website, then see to it that you're acquiring them from the right places. Remember that search engines are only concerned with quality in all respects, so apply that to your backlinking. The best sites are those that are relevant to your niche because the links will be more powerful. You can get penalized by search engines if they discover you are engaging in bad practices with your linking. Internet marketing is not impossible at all, and you just have to get comfortable and learn what is best for the situation. Then you have to take some kind of solid action every day, or at least during the week. You can and should get help whenever possible if you cannot figure out something, and a good forum will do the trick. All IM marketers get crunched for time, and that is why you have to just get things done and move on.

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