Bad credit payday loans is what most of us are in need of. Reports have shown that the critics of bad credit payday loans always give wrong interest rates and other vital information regarding the loans. This was brought to light by the Las Vegas news department. They state negative rates to the people and some clients even say that they end up paying about 390 percent greater rates. Paying up this much could be possible if the loan was extended up to a year or if the borrower rolls over the loan about 26 times. 

Track records have shown that most of the borrowers end up paying the loan for utility bills such as phone bills, electric bills or gas rates. A government survey recently showed up that an APR on an overdraft fee has exceeded 1000 percent. This means the people end up paying double the interest amount in a year. Apart from all these misleading activities, a government research conducted in 2008 shows that the bank is also somehow responsible for the increased overdraft charges as they try to process higher amount checks ahead of the lower ones. You can find out whether you can eligible for loans for bad credit by going to right away. 

The banks are also said to involve the customers without their knowledge at all. In comparison to this, the payday lenders have to disclose all necessary details to the public. It is a highly growing business and involves only good things for its people. However the payday borrowers get a list of positive benefits such as their credit does not matter and they get a consistent pay check and an active checking account. The George Washington University carried out a study in 2009 which in result showed that about 90 percent of the customers were satisfied fully. On the other hand study from the St. Louis University showed that approximately 64 percent of the people successfully paid up the amount within 4 weeks or less.