Cupertino, CA — Customer relationship management, or CRM, is the belief that companies should have a full view of their customer every time they interact with that customer. The end result is that customers feel like they are being listened to and taken care of by the company, and that makes the relationship with the company even stronger. The problem with CRM software has always been that it is focused on the sales team, and other departments within the company suffer. SugarCRM and Sugar 7.0 gives CRM marketing, sales, management and customer service can all use to give customers the best experience.

With Sugar 7.0, companies will see further integration of their CRM software across multiple departments within the business. Using this new CRM marketing will be better able to track how leads are generated and send those sales leads out to the sales team. Sales team members will be able to use the guided pipeline to ensure that every step of the customer acquisition and retention process is handled, so no customers fall through the cracks. Managers can use the CRM software to oversee every part of the sales process, as well as monitor the progress of projects across the company. When customers call with issues, the customer service department can pull up the whole history of the customer’s relationship with the company and provide the best service possible.

What Sugar 7.0 does is empower employees to interact with customers on a more personal and more specific level. This “CRM for everyone” attitude at SugarCRM ensures that every member of the company is on the same page with every customer, streamlining communication and enriching the customer experience at every level. Because of the broad base of the services provided by Sugar 7.0, businesses of all sizes will be able to see the benefits of comprehensive CRM software and understand how providing customer information to everyone in the company can drive sales and increase profits.

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