Cross Country Driver is a new service that just launched and its bringing an easy and effective way to move a car from point A to point B. The owners of Cross Country Driver are excited to bring this service to clients who need their vehicles moved quickly and in the most efficient manner possible. A company spokesman recently said, “We make moving a vehicle quick, hassle free, and most of all affordable. With door-to-door pickup and delivery, sending a vehicle over long distances has never been simpler.”

The company offers door-to-door drive away service and the professionals at the firm have been moving vehicles for many years. Drive away service offers an advantage over traditional shipping by freight or tractor trailer because the drive away service delivers a vehicle in a fraction of the time allowing clients to have their cars much soon. Cross Country Driver can get a car from coast to coast in as little as three days and their Northeast corridor trips take only 24 hours on average.

Clients include busy professionals who need to move quickly and along the East Coast, snowbirds who move back and forth between the Northeast and the coast of Florida and who need their cars to arrive shortly after they do. The drive away process is simple. First, interested parties can go on the Cross Country Driver website and receive a free quote. Once they have accepted the quote they can schedule a time and date for pickup and then will receive a faxed agreement to sign and send back. Once arrangements have been made a driver will be assigned and that driver will contact the client.

When the drivers arrive to pick up the car they fully inspect the vehicle for pre-existing damage and then take off for the final destination. Once at that destination the care is delivered to the client’s door. The service is well known for giving clients maximum control of the process from start to finish so its no wonder Cross Country Driver is becoming on of the more popular transportation services in the United States.

To learn more about Cross Country Driver visit the company’s website at or there sister site at or call 732.216.8607 to speak with a company representative.