07, January 2015: Not checking out the documentation that comes with a new stroller is a possible cause for babies getting hurt, and in some cases even the cause for a loss of life. Co-director Neil Speight of Freddie and Sebbie says if parents don’t read the stroller handbook, then they could be faced with picking up the pieces after a terrible accident. He said… “Small bodies are actually quite vulnerable, and they do require special handling, so mistakes are quickly made, so the first thing to do, even before utilizing the stroller, is to read the product handbook, which will certainly provide a list of cautions and recommendations for moms and dads.” 

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Mr Speight described that in general most moms were committing several common errors with their strollers, saying… “One cause for mishaps is hot coffee in the cup holder being tipped on a baby, causing nasty burns, so the very best thing to do is to simply use the stroller cup holders for cool drinks, and if the call for a hot drink arises, then just park that stroller and grab a table instead.” 

He likewise described how many mommies just weren’t patient enough to display their newborns to the local community, stating that infants have to be able to sit upright with heads held up to ride safely in standard stroller seats, which is when they are about 8 weeks old. He continued… “Something else to consider concerning age, is when to start stroller jogging, a common activity for many American moms, as an infant will certainly need to have developed a strong enough neck and core muscles to securely handle any bumps en-route. Once again, it’s safe to begin jogging with a stroller when they are 2 months old, however always seek advice from a doctor if unsure.” 

Fingertip amputation is another common mishap caused by moms folding their strollers with the infant too close, with Maclaren having to recall over 1 million products in 2009 following 12 fingertip amputations were reported by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Neil stated… “To stay clear of any nasty accidents, just make certain that while folding or unfolding the stroller, that the baby is a safe range away, as well as seeing to it a stroller is firmly locked open before placing an infant in it.” 

Finally Neil said that harmful storage like hanging overladen bags on the back of a stroller could also lead to a mishap, with it tipping over on top of a kid or with the child sat in it. He stated… “If possible, it’s recommended to lug heavy things in the stroller’s basket, as well as stay clear of leaving sharp items in any rear pockets, as youngsters can get harmed when leaning back. Another recommendation for storage would be to utilize strong stroller hook clips that are designed with security in mind, and one last suggestion would be to use 2 stroller hook clips for more secure weight distribution, which will avoid tipping.” 

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