Australia, 7th June 2014: Australia is known to house one of the richest living indigenous cultures across the world today. However, with time they seem to be disappearing at a much rapid speed. There have been several attempts to help them survive and provide them help to stay connected to the rest of the world. As a new initiative and a noble cause, the Culture Bus proposes the idea of reaching the remote indigenous areas throughout Australia for documenting as well as archiving the indigenous knowledge, language, culture, as well as ancient dreaming stories. This bus would be a 4 wheel drive which would be equipped with mobile sound proof recording studio which would be able to travel to the areas which needs the most attention. The bus would also be used for inspiring the indigenous youths for reconnecting with their elders as well as cultures in the entire remote music workshops.

Presently the 4×4 Toyota Coaster which is going to be used for the purpose needs a facelift and maintenance. The stage one would need the bus to be transported to the mechanic and installed with a new engine as well as a gearbox to tackle the difficult roads it would be travelling to. Once the bus is ready the project would begin wherein the stage two would involve turning the bus into a mobile sound/dust proof studio. It would be designed and made by specialists once enough fund raising has been done. The 1st stage of repairs is estimated to cost $20,000 while the stage two would involve funding for the mobile sound recording studio.

The preparation would be such that the elders would be able to view their country while recoding. It is expected to be done through installation of double glazed panoramic landscape windows on either sides of the studio. Other technically advanced systems would be installed which would enable them connect and understand. With everything set the bus would hit the road with a mission to record and document the indigenous cultures through the means of gathering stories, languages as well as the songs. The bus would also be used for recording the music workshop projects that would have the youth across the remote communities. Besides being used for this purpose the bus can also be used for other community projects having the same goal. It could be anything from return of country trios to the remote workshops or may be teaming up with the art galleries all across remote destinations in Australia.

About Culture Bus:

Culture Bus is an initiative to help in developing and getting more information about the indigenous people living in Australia. The bus would be used to learn and connect with this sect of people who are depleting at a rapid phase. It would also be used for other community activities after this project completes.