USA — Writing is an age old art. It is a means of communicating information and feeling in words. What is interesting is that in addition to the content, the form or style of writing too conveys a mood. But this is irrelevant today, since hand-written content is all but gone, and is relegated to a thing of the past, one that evokes nostalgia and not much else. But the freely downloadable cursive font is here to change that perception.

Joint writing, running-words or as it is more popularly known, cursive writing is one of the first upgrades in the skill of writing we learn in school. Joining letters to each other in a single word enhances the speed of writing and also gives the content an overall flow, making it look more appealing and less clunky.

There are multiple variations of this font all over the world and today, many of them are found online for free. All it takes is to download the font, install it in a single click and it’s ready to use. As a writing tool, it is akin to writing with a pen that gives us a new handwriting that is more emotive. Which is why efforts are on to make standardize some of the styles of this font in other languages as well to give it uniformity of form.

In today’s tech savvy world, this freeware will be seen as a tool that is extremely simple to wield.

About Us

The cursive font is a freeware that is so light it downloads almost instantly, and is also free from the hassle of signups, malware and adware. It has a variety of uses that is limited only by the imagination of the user.

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