First of all, as long as you have made the decision to look for a cushion diamond, it would be recommended that you don’t just stop at regular jewellery shops and that you opt instead for the products offered by a reputed manufacturer. The good news is that the right online manufacturer and supplier will allow you to create your own engagement ring in just a few easy steps. When you are done with the design, you just place your order and wait for your insured diamond or jewellery to arrive at your doorstep.

Let’s say that you are planning to ask the love of your life to marry you. What is your next step? Well, you need to look for the perfect ring that will not only impress her, but that will also make her say “yes” right away. You should expect the best online shop to offer you the option to create your own engagement ring. If you do not want your significant other to know anything about your upcoming plan, you should go through this process on your own.

Make sure that you learn everything you need to know about the personal preferences of your girlfriend before you pick out the engagement ring. When you are unsure regarding the type of diamond that she would prefer, you should know that a cushion diamond is always a good idea. If she enjoys wearing extravagant jewellery that always makes her stand out of the crowd, a cushion diamond ring will be the right fit. The same goes if she is shy and does not like to wear too much jewellery. The engagement ring that you offer her is going to be enough.

She will not need to add extra jewellery to complete her daily outfit. The best online jewellery shop will make it easy for you to create your own engagement ring. Usually, you just need to click on the options that you prefer. For instance, when it comes to the diamond setting that you can pick, you just look at the list and click on the platinum or 14k yellow gold setting. A price will be displayed next to your option. This way, you know how much everything would cost before you place the order.

If you need to compromise, you can opt for a cheaper diamond setting or even diamond so that you do not go over budget. Let’s say that you have chosen a cushion cut diamond. What do you need to do next? Well, you have to choose the color of the diamond, its clarity and deal with a few other details. After you are finished, you just order the engagement ring and wait for it to be delivered.

If you have thought about buying a cushion diamond from an online shop, you should know that this is one of the best ideas that you could have. The good news is that our jewellery website even allows you to create your own engagement ring ! So, pay us a visit, pick the items that you like and place your order!