Following the successful launch of the Mommy Please Play Food, customers have been releasing incredibly positive and frequent reviews. The pretend play food set is designed to be an incredible educational tool that teaches children healthy and organic eating habits. Featuring BPA free composition for strength and safety, the play food set is well suited for children 3 years old and older.

Happy customers have now posted numerous reviews about how fun, various, and interactive the Mommy please play food toys really are. Children everywhere stay engage in hours of imaginative play while learning. One exception review that stood out to Mommy Please was a 5-star review from Cindi M. Thornton on The review follows:

“Over the past 20 years, I have purchased many sets of toy groceries. I am more than willing to pay for quality items that will last through multiple children playing with, biting on, stepping on, and then there are the pickers, that cannot help themselves but to pick at stickers, labels, etc. And because I have different ages of children in my private home childcare, I have 2 separate rooms set up with age appropriate items in each. When I received this set, I thought I would have to put all of it into the preschool room, because I assumed it would not be sturdy enough to withstand the toddlers. My assumptions came from previous purchases of large boxed sets of pretend food, and how quickly they had bite marks, dents, holes, and in general, were a waste of money. But after looking through all of the items, I realized that most of it would be appropriate for the toddler room, and the items that needed to be used in the preschool room would not be missed by the younger children. The preschoolers are more careful with, and understand how to play with cardboard replicas of milk containers, brownie and cake mix boxes and plastic cans of fruit with paper labels. And I honestly always do the nibble test on toy groceries before deciding which age level kitchen area they are appropriate for, and was really impressed with how many of the items in this set passed the nibble test with flying colors.

There is a huge selection of food items, and the attention to detail is obvious. I definitely recommend this set to anyone with age appropriate children. There were only a few items that when bitten by one of the teething toddlers, did get dented, but to be honest, the amount of quality items included and the very reasonable price tag pretty much makes that not matter, especially since I could have done a better job of picking the items that are appropriate for the toddler room, and then putting all of the rest into the preschooler room where they would not be bitten over and over to soothe teething pains.”

Ideal for children 3+, the Mommy Please Play Food is often  is often featured in Pre-Schools and Doctor’s Offices. Every packaged shipped weighs 1.9 pounds. Furthermore, free shipping is available on orders over $49.00 while customers can take advantage of Amazon’s secure shopping cart and an Wish List. The Mommy Please play food can be purchased for a limited time at $23.91, and customers are protected with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, ensuring a refund if they are not satisfied for any reason.

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