Following the successful launch of the Cosmopolitan Collection Makeup Storage, customers have been releasing incredibly positive and frequent reviews. The makeup storage system is designed to be an incredible educational tool that helps men and women to organizer their cosmetic and beauty materials. Featuring transparent acrylic resin composition for strength and scratch resistance, the makeup storage system is well suited for men and women of all ages.

Happy customers have now posted numerous reviews about how useful and aesthetic the Cosmopolitan Collection makeup storage truly is. One exceptional review that stood out to Cosmopolitan Collection was a 5-star review from “A Funny Girl” on The review follows:

“I absolutely LOVE this organizer! Not long ago, I purchased a similar organizer to this one, the only major difference between that organizer and this one is the look of the front of the drawers.

You also can separate the organizer if you wish, they are two separate pieces instead of one large piece!

If you are considering purchasing this organizer, please be aware of the depth of the drawers so that you can manage expectations. They aren't extremely deep, but depending on the type of products that you need to store, it can give you a lot of storage space.

I have included some pictures so that you can see what this is capable of holding. The top part of the organizer actually is capable of holding quite a lot of products. The larger section of the organizer makes it possible to hold skincare items that are larger and usually harder to find good storage space for. The lipstick section is great to also double for little perfume vials and other small samples you may receive.

The drawers are great for storing liners as well as shadow singles, etc. However, the drawers are large enough to also hold long and skinny shadow palettes. You larger palettes (ie. Urban Decan Vice palettes, or comparable sized palettes) won't fit in the drawers, but they really do work extremely well for the skinner or smaller Too Faced palettes you may have in your collection.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the storage space that this provides for my beauty stuffs. I have quite a large collection that I've accumulated and it's so much prettier to have in one consolidated area versus spread all over the place. I think the drawer pulls are super cute!”

Ideal for children for men and women of all ages, the Cosmopolitan Collection Makeup Storage is often featured in beauty shops. Every packaged shipped weighs 3.8 pounds. Furthermore, free shipping is available on orders over $49 while customers can take advantage of Amazon’s secure shopping cart and an Wish List. The Cosmopolitan collection makeup storage can be purchased for a limited time at $36.99, and customers are protected with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, ensuring a refund if they are not satisfied for any reason.
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