Clarks Summit, Pa. —  June 6 2016 - Today, Fine Line living announced that their newest product, the AromaDoma essential oil diffuser, which recently made its debut on Amazon, has succeeded in getting quite the influx of positive comments from customers purchasing this unique diffuser. As many of you may already know, the customer feedback generated for a product on the Amazon platform is crucial to its success.

“I can't tell you how much it means to us to see customers taking the time to send in their thoughts and opinions on our new AromaDoma diffuser. I have to admit, it's always a bit nerve wracking until we get real feedback from people using the product in their homes,” stated Tina Traver, founder and CEO of Fine Line Living. “We always think that we have a product that people will enjoy and make use of, but we are never really sure until we get the actual testimonials from our customers. And based upon what we are seeing in the early going for this diffuser, I'm very pleased to say I think we got it right.”

Upon closer look at what people are saying, one of the most frequent comments that people have about the AromaDoma seems to be the ease of use. This most likely is due to the way this new diffuser is configured.

It only takes a few brief moments to remove the lids and have access to the filling area. Once filled, your oils added and the top put back on, it only takes a button push for the misting to begin.

“We wanted everything about this new diffuser to be as simple as we could make it” adds Traver. “Nobody likes to have to read through a long manual just to get something to operate.”

The AromaDoma also includes seven rotating colored lights and automatic shutoff for a set and forget type of operation. As an added incentive for customers, the AromaDoma essential oil diffuser comes standard with a industry leading lifetime warranty.

If you have waited to get into the world of aromatherapy and diffusing essential oils, and you just can't seem to decide on a diffuser, the AromaDoma by Fine Line Living deserves a good close look. To see what customers are saying all you need to do is go here.

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