Tokinu device keeps you safe from cyber crime and hackers by establishing a secure login space for all of your accounts.

Wausau, WI, November 25, 2014 — With over half a Billion victims annually, and an estimated $445 Billion dollars lost globally, cybercrime is a serious problem. Tokinu Inc. is introducing a breakthrough in internet security. It guards all of your online accounts, and provides users access to a verified network where scammers will be quickly identified and blocked.

Tokinu is an innovative new system that uses dynamic passwords, enabling you to securely log into your existing online accounts. The thin and lightweight device does not connect directly or indirectly with your preferred source for accessing the web, making it a secure way to store and generate your unique login credentials.

CEO Alicia Cramer explains that “Tokinu makes remembering your passwords a thing of the past”. Envisioned to protect all your accounts, like email, social networking and more, Tokinu is first to deliver a truly safe way to protect all your accounts. Furthermore, it is designed for ease of use and affordable at only $50 per user for the first year with an annual subscription of about $25.

Cramer states that the password feature is only half of what Tokinu offers. Tokinu also provides a Verified Network so users do not have to worry about getting scammed when buying goods on consumer-to-consumer websites.

The product is currently in pre-order stage; the pre-order capital will be used to code the system and manufacture the physical token. You can pre-purchase your Tokinu device at:

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Alicia Cramer
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