(Free Press Release) Before choosing a yacht charter it is important that all details and expectations about the adventure of Croatian Sailing are known. Not only will it make Sailing Croatia an adventure but it will also ensure that the exercise is neither too dangerous nor expensive; exactly what you are looking for. Before you get ready to sail, make sure that you have the know-how of Sailing Croatia so that the entire adventure remains hassle free and safe.

Regatta season is going to embark soon and so Czech & Slovak One design Sailing international Championship in Croatia is also about to begin. The challenge in this championship is real and the adventure and thrill that the event offers has no comparison. Regatta is known for bringing together individuals with their respective engineering companies throughout history. Participants are not only bound because of their professions but also because of their zeal for sailing. In this Bavaria 42 Match class, a prize of 40,000 € will be given to the winner of Czech & Slovak One design.

This event is going to provide a perfect opportunity for participants to enjoy a non-aggressive and friendly match even when the sailing competition is tough. The focus is going to be on sailing in the Mediterranean region so that participants can also meet locals and at the same time enjoy the culture and history of the area. The overall winner will be designated as “Commodore for the year" and will also be provided a trophy.

The 2010 Czech Championship is going to take place from September 20th to September 24th and an entry fee of 4,800 Euro will be charged from each participant. The prize money that is €40,000 will be rewarded to first 60% of the fleet. The boats will also be distributed and it'll be according to the draw that was held in Prague in August. For distribution of sails, the draw will be held on September 20, Monday in Biograd. Boat check-in and practice will begin from 13.00 and participants can start practicing race from 16.30. At 20.30 hrs, an opening ceremony will be held at Biograd.

The first and second race will start at 11.30 hours on Tuesday 21st September after a briefing at a restaurant at 10.00 hours. The arrival of all the boats is estimated at around 19.00 hours. A prize giving ceremony will be held daily for the first and second position. The third and fourth race will be held on 22nd of September while the fifth race will be held on 23rd September. The event will come to an end on 24th September and the overall winner of the Sailing Croatia championship event will be awarded.

Adriatic Challenge is a yacht charter in Croatia offering sailing services and is based in Biograd.

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