The United Kingdom, March 14, 2014: Effective advertisement is integral to successful venture of any business anywhere in the World. In fact, proper promotion is needed not only in commercial sector but also for public service and non-profit activities. Printing plays a crucial role in all forms of advertisement. D2D Print provides all types of printing services. Its online-basis nature enables D2D Print expand its services beyond physical limitations. The company provides full range of service for letterhead, calendar, folder, banner, poster, booklet, flyer and leaflet printing. The service of D2D Print is reliable and of superior quality and low cost. 

D2D Print employs highly experienced designers who can provide comprehensive design service for professional results and prompt turnaround. The knowledge and experience of its talent-pool enables D2D Print meet the expectation of its customers. The result is of the best standard and top quality irrespective of whether the project order is for large poster printing, bespoke portfolio printing or small business card printing. In addition to accepting orders for customised printing, D2D Print runs in-house printing project to produce varieties of business stationery, which are sold under the banner of parent company Dor-2-Dor. Stationery products of D2D Print encompass booklets, books, NCR sets, compliment slips, business cards and letterheads. 

The Artwork Preparation is a guide by D2D Print for its clients and prospective customers. The Artwork Preparation section is included in the navigation tabs and provides details on how online printing can be ordered and received. Being an online service provider, D2D Print accepts orders via Internet. Customers are expected to send their designs only as PDF. The art submitted by customers goes through an automated system and exact copies of it are printed in desired numbers in top quality. However, rectification of mistakes in designs is either very costly or impossible in this system. That is why, D2D Print offers Pre-Print Check, which is a paid-service. Works of customers who pay for Pre-Print Check goes through manual check by the company’s professionals. Mistakes and issues in design as detected by experts are reported to customers and corrected according to their preference. Thus, though this method seems expensive initially, it is rather safe and secured. 

D2D Print provides free delivery for printed materials that can be delivered the next day of reception of order. Such delivery is possible for orders that are placed complete before 10 a.m. The time-restriction can be relaxed to 3:30 p.m. with levy of additional charge. However, extensive refinement needs time. Besides, D2D Print does not offer refund or compensation for late ‘free delivery’ but, unlike other printing companies, D2D Print offer full-credit guarantee on timely despatch. 

About D2D Print: 


D2D Print is a part of Dor-2-Dor group. It provides online printing services for all types of advertisement and promotional items such as calendars, handouts, banners and more. The company also produces ready-for-purchase stationery such as booklets, NCR sets, letterheads and more.