20, July 2015: Dab Kits experts at Zen Penz, LLC has announced it is continuing its customer education program with the release of a new article that explains to persons how they can tell if their dabs are really clean, which is not always apparent to the untrained eyes.

“It goes without saying that we love our dabs here at Dab Kits, but we also know that not all dabs are created equal. With the popularity of butane hash oils on the rise and more and more amateur extractors trying their hand at making the stuff, it’s more important now than ever for people to know the difference between good dabs and potentially toxic ones,” said the Dab pens spokesperson.

Noting how they had previously addressed the issue in previous articles and blogs concerning how persons can stay safe when consuming butane hash oil, the Dab Kits spokesperson said it can be difficult to really know how clean the oil is.

So, how then can a person tell if their dabs are really clean?

“Well, unfortunately, there is no simple answer,” said the spokesperson. “Some persons rely on color, clarity or texture to decide the quality of their hash oil, claiming that the clearer or lighter or glassier the BHO is, the better it is. But the chemical complexities of butane hash oil extraction make these supposed benchmarks of excellence nothing more than myths.”

However, with a trained eye, the spokesperson noted that there were some visual cues persons can look for when examining their BHO. One such is the presence of several bubbles in the concentrate, or an oily (like motor oil on wet pavement) appearance.

Both of these, the spokesperson said, might suggest the BHO was not purged properly, which are still not definitive methods.

“The truth is you can’t determine the quality of butane hash oil simply by looking at it,” admitted the source, who nevertheless believes there are a few key warning signs that may signal that the dabs have not been properly purged, and so provided the following tips:

- Before smoking any wax, put a drop of it on the tip of a nail or dabber and heat it up. If any noise is heard coming off it, then it wasn’t properly purged. If it crackles, sizzles or bubbles excessively- do not smoke it. This could either be the result of residual water trapped in the oil or the result of improperly purged butane. Either way, it’s not worth the risk.

- “If the oil smells or tastes foul, chemically or suspicious, do not smoke it. Some dabs have little flavor, others have lots, but good dabs should always taste like good dabs. If something tastes or smells off, it probably is.

- If a dab causes a headache, do not smoke it. BHO can cause persons to feel a lot of things, but it certainly shouldn’t cause any pain. It is does, stop using that oil immediately.

“The truth is you can’t determine the quality of butane hash oil simply by looking at it,” again noted the Dabs Kit spokesperson. “As much as we hate to admit it, the only way to truly be sure that your butane hash oil is clean and properly purged is to buy it from a reputable source that tests for residual chemicals, pesticides and molds. All other methods are really only estimations, and are not always clear indicators of how clean your oil is.”

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