When an individual needs an appliance that they can rely on, they should turn to a trusted brand that persists to invest its time and energy into sophisticated features that will turn every day chores into quick and easy tasks. For those that would like to rely on American service and parts, many are now turning to the Dacor brand of appliances for all of their laundry, kitchen, and climate control needs. Here is a look at this exceptional brand and some of the industry-leading features that has kept them ahead of their competition for over 40 years.

For many of those that have seen Dacor appliances, they know them for their full line of kitchen and culinary products varying from dishwashers to refrigerators. This is where this company has devoted most of its resources in order to generate high-end devices that will fit almost any budget. Customers that would like the most advanced line of appliances will often look to Dacor's Renaissance series. These refrigerators, dishwashers, heating bins, microwaves, ovens, and cooktops have been created to balance appearance with functionality so that every kitchen will look as great as it operates throughout the day.

For those that would like to reduce the ambiguity out of the cooking and storing of their food, this line of products now comes with advanced sensors and touchscreen controls that will allow the owner to precisely control their own temperatures and humidity. Unlike traditional refrigerators that keep a single cooling unit in the back, the Renaissance refrigerators come with a series of cooling elements that will ensure an even temperature throughout the device. The sensors remain active throughout the day and night, making minute modifications to the interior environment of the device to ensure maximum safety.

Some customers have also begun looking to this brand for savings on their water and energy consumption. Many of the leading dishwasher styles at Dacor now come with the coveted Energy Star rating. This signifies that every single appliance has been thoroughly tested and is proven to save on electricity as well as water without cutting corners on potency. Owners that fill their home with Energy Star appliances will often see a reduction to their utilities by as much as 60 percent over the course of a year.

These dishwashers and refrigerators are only the start when it comes to the many benefits of a Dacor appliance. As a family owned and operated company, Dacor remains focused on the smallest of details so that customers can rest assured they are getting the utmost best quality with every purchase. This is why more individuals than ever are now seeking to reinvent and redesign their home with the full line of products offered by Dacor.

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