04 August, 2014: These days more and more people begin to pay attention to their figure. They tend to lose weight either by taking diet pills like bee pollen diet pills or in a widely recognized way— doing exercises. 

Exercise Tips

Exercise Common Sense 

1. Insufficient Exercises—one of the “culprits” for obesity. 

We will get fat easily if we keep eating without any exercises. We take in nutrition from food, and we should also get the energy burned through exercises or take zi xiu tang bee pollen to reach the balance between metabolism and nutrition. In general, exercises can not only prevent physical fatigue and the aging of human organs, but also promote the function of various microcirculations and make us feel good. Why not do it? 

2. How to control the daily amount of exercises? 

We already realized that exercises are critical for slimming, then how to control the daily amount of exercises? Considering the energy intake, it’s appropriate for a person to consume 300 calories of energy a day by exercises. If we don’t exercise or take any bee pollen weight loss pills every day, the excess energy will probably turn into fat. Of course, the exercises mentioned here are not exclusively about swimming, tennis, and sports. In daily life, a lot of fat can be consumed as long as you often do exercises. 

For your reference, hereby we’d like to introduce the time that a normal person needs to burn 100 kcal energy through exercises: 40 minutes for walking: 20 for jogging, 13 for rope jumping, 10 for swimming, and 25 for social dancing. Action Now! 

Daily Exercise Tips 

1. Begin with light activity such as finding someone in the office or copying papers.
2. Take some healthy diet pills like bee pollen capsules as a supplement.
3. Walk with a comfortable pair of shoes everyday
4. Climb stairs quickly instead of relying too much on elevator.
5. Go to work by bus with shoulders straight and limbs twisted when possible.
6. Do gymnastic exercises by following TV or radio.
7. Go shopping with a good mood, but no shoes with high heels.