China - Oxford shoe should be very classical footwear for majority of men around world. Although this kind of shoe could better add mature feeling for each man¡¯s appearance, each wearer need to know related knowledge about how to maintain and protect their men oxford shoes in daily life. Only in that way could each man wear their shoes with very remarkable appearance. Now, the famous Leather Wallet and men oxford shoes online seller will share with people three basically factors for daily protection.

Leather is resilient. The strong sunlight, high heat and sweat will make it become loose. After a certain time of dormancy, the leather oxford shoe could be fully dry. To prolong the life of each pair of men oxford shoes, people should be best wear two leather oxford shoes alternately, wearing the same pair of shoes every day could be likely to accelerate its early aging speed of this shoe. The new shoes are usually stuffed with paper to withstand the toe and heel stick. These seemingly useless junk should not be easily thrown. If people do not wear their shoe for long time, the wearer can put these ¡°rubbish¡± back into the shoes to help restore the original shape of this shoe. So, the next wearing for this shoe will become more comfortable.

In the summer days, the frequent raining will easily let the leather shoe surface get strains. If people really face with this situation, they should quickly use the soft damp cloth or paper towel to dry the surface of the leather shoe as soon as possible and then wipe mud points on the surface. The experts from famous leather wallets for women online seller also suggested that people could use small knife to remove the large lump of clay that attached on the surface of the shoe and then lightly use moistened cloth to wipe off mud traces. The damp environment will let the leather material become very fragile so the wiping with the wet clothes must be gentle enough.

The frequency of glazing and oiling should not be too high but this step should not be spared. In addition to the using of the same color maintenance oil, in fact, there are some everyday foods also have leather maintenance functions. For example, after eating a banana, people can wipe the shoes with the inside banana peel sticky and let it dry. After this step, the mens leather wallets will re-hwan its original luster. If the leather surface appears the cracks, people can use some candles powder charge into the gaps of cracks and do some ironing action and then rub the same color shoe polish.

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