Continuing with their objective to offer customers with the best quality magnets, Chinese magnet manufacturers Dailymag Magnetics has recently launched their newest line of NdFeB or permanent magnets. As per the spokesperson of the company, “Our Company has always been driven to present our clients with the highest performing magnets and recent range of permanent magnets that are offered in varied number of shapes can hopefully support that claim.”


Upon further inquiry the spokesperson also revealed that the magnets will be available in shapes like blocks, segments, disc, cylinder, ball, and ring. Other than that he also maintained that a range of permanent magnets will be available in special shapes, thus fulfilling every need of the customers.


According to him, “The new permanent magnets were manufactured by following the sintered process. They are quite strong, durable and come in metallic appearances. Besides, these magnets possess great demagnetization resistance abilities as well. The magnets will thus be ideal for installations in motors, sensors, magnetic holders, automobiles, speakers, generators, and various other kinds of equipments.”


As per the company’s analysis the annual sale is expected to rise with the launch of the latest range of permanent magnets. This will be a step up of their last record of magnet-related sales which stood a slight more than $15 million USD. Apollo Peng, Dailymag Magnetics’ sales manager recently commented, “Out team is working very hard to improve on the previous year’s effort and we are very positive about it.”


Reliable sources claims that the Ningbo-based Chinese magnet manufacturers have been dedicated to delivering several kinds of magnets to equipment manufacturing companies spread across Asia and some other Western countries. Some of the products offered by them include sintered NdFeB magnets, Neodymium magnets, rare earth magnets, sintered SmCo, hard ferrite, cast AlNiCo, and so on. For more details go to


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The company is specialized in the manufacture of OEM and ODM industrial magnets, as well as magnetic hardware and tools. The company’s main factory outlet is located in Ningbo, China.


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