A recent feature published on the blog section of the Dallas Observer’s website has taken the time to praise the efforts of couriers who perform owner driver jobs in inclement weather.

The piece, published earlier this month, came after a spell of late-season bad weather which has seen Dallas affected by snow and ice (a rare occurrence in Texas). This has led to many schools and services closing entirely, and significantly reduced the mobility of people within the city. Most couriers offering owner driver jobs, however, chose to press on, earning the feature writer’s respect and admiration.

According to the writer, the natural tendency most people experience towards staying indoors in this type of weather heightens the need for delivery drivers and couriers working owner driver jobs, which may go some way to explaining why so many make themselves available during the worst spells of weather. However, while he admits to adhering to the pizza-and-television routine during some of the worst snow days, the writer has the insight to recognise that each delivery phoned into a take-away restaurant or newspaper office forces a delivery driver to risk his or her safety.

This, in turn, leads him to reflect on the necessity of a tip, as well as about what the correct amount for said gratuity should be. The issue of tips is one of the most hotly debated and controversial amongst servers and those working owner driver jobs, as many are commissioned workers who subsist exclusively on these ‘handouts’ to ensure a living. Fortunately, the author of the piece acknowledges this, and undoubtedly ingratiates himself with this professional class by recognising that they deserve a boon for their efforts, especially in inclement weather. While the definitive amount of the gratuity is considered by the author to vary depending on the situation, he nonetheless reminds readers to acknowledge the efforts of couriers and delivery men and women working owner driver jobs during spots of bad weather such as the one experienced in Dallas.

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