20, October 2015: Lifelong smoker Dan Holmes is pleased to announce the official release of his latest book, Life’s a Drag: How I Stopped Smoking & Lost 2 Stone. Holmes, who says he started smoking at age 14, recently kicked the habit for good. In his newly released book, he shares his strategies with the world.

How to stop smoking

“One of the biggest reasons I had not really tried to give up was being led to believe it would be extremely hard, if not almost impossible,” said Holmes. Now, at age 55, Holmes has completely stopped smoking cigarettes.

According to the American Cancer Society, somewhere around 5% of people who attempt to stop smoking succeed. When it comes to methods for smoking cessation, there are plenty of things on the market that are supposed to aid. Many people turn to e-cigarettes, acupuncture, hypnosis, nicotine gum and patches, and therapy to quell their urges for cigarettes. With such a small percentage of people able to successfully kick the habit, Holmes hopes to reach out and help others with his secrets for success.

“Having done it now and also spoken to many people who have stopped smoking, a large majority said that it was actually easier than they thought it would be. How I wished I would have done this many years ago,” said Holmes.

Life’s a Drag: How I Stopped Smoking & Lost 2 Stone is currently available on Amazon for Kindle devices. Prime members can borrow the new book for free, subscribers can read it for free, and others can buy the new smoking cessation guide for $2.99.

About Dan Holmes:

Dan Holmes is a lifelong smoker who kicked the habit and is sharing his strategies with the world.