18 August, 2014: Over 25 % of moms and dads actually admit to allowing their kids to get sunburned while on vacation … with 8 % ‘not even bothered’ by sun related danger.

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The Daily Mail last week published some really revealing statistics regarding kids getting sunburned. A remarkable 62 % of moms and dads admit to their children getting sunburned. One in 7 even allow their kids to look after their own sun cream application, while 39 % of those questioned were honest enough to admit that allowing kids to get burnt was very embarrassing.

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For the majority of us it’s practically coming to the end of the summer, but kids are still at risk of getting sunburned. Rather a seriuos matter when Doctors are saying that sun-damaged skin does increase the risk of skin cancer, apart from the fact that rates of melanoma have been increasing over the last 30 years.

The most obvious way to safeguard kids is by always applying a high filter sun screen with an SPF of between 15 and 50 (even before leaving the house), with the latter blocking out 98 % of hazardous UV rays. Reapply sun cream after bathing, even when using a water resistant product. Another good way to prevent kids’s skin from getting burnt is to make sure they always wear long sleeved clothing / long trousers, and for very small children it’s a great idea to wear long sleeved swim shirts at the beach or by the pool.

The time of day for children to be exposed to the sun is also a vital factor to consider, and it’s essential they stay well clear of the heat of the day between 10 am and 4 pm. Sun glare is something else that makes children feel unconfortable, so it is advised that your kids constantly wear sunglasses with UV ray protection to help safeguard their delicate eyes from unrepairable sun damage.

Moms and dads are commonly unaware of eye damage especially in the car, when the sun is also putting their kids’s vision at risk, apart from making them feel unconfortable while traveling with the direct sunshine scorching down on them. One simple solution would be to install car window sun shades, which are ideal for securing kids from UV rays, sun glare and heat along with helping to keep them cooler and quieter in the back of the vehicle.

Neil Speight, main representative for Nevada based accessory firm “Freddie and Sebbie” was already quite aware of the issue of kids getting sunburned, having 4 kids of his own, and said … “If you’re having these sorts of problems then we really do have the best solution. The “Freddie and Sebbie” Car Sun Shades have actually been created with double layer mesh fabric/PVC material, and provide UPF 30+ sun security blocking out harmful UV rays, sun glare, heat and will certainly help to keep your children or babies cool at all times.”.

He went on to confirm that all of the Freddie and Sebbie products were made to the very highest requirements in quality, security and dependability, with numerous consumers already having written hundreds of favorable product reviews on Amazon. Neil concluded in saying that the “Freddie and Sebbie” car sun shades are backed by a lifetime NO-Hassle free replacement warranty, and that their company really does take the health and safety of children very seriously indeed.

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