You have the best of traditional garments being displayed at Ernst Licht and in the way you can give a new name to fashion and identity.

Pennsylvania, 6pm — At the store of Daniel Licht you have all the stuffs from the popular German producers and importers and the people have been in business for the last forty years. The company specializes in all sorts of German clothing and you find varieties like Lederhosen, Dirndl, and the array of Oktoberfest attires. The store also presents with special German gifts and there are more of jewellery and beer steins along with music and many more from the passionate German artists.

This is the right hub you can explore to get in hand the kind of Traditional Bavarian clothing. The attires are great in terms of fashion and fit and you have more things in offer at the store so special and spectacular. Don’t forget that this is Daniel Licht and the style in offer is just beyond imagination. There is even a shop at Pennsylvania where you can find the authentic and talented German craftsmen making the best style in clothing. They know how to give the attires the best look and when you are in the crowd you would often find people asking you about the dress you are wearing.

Traditional Bavarian clothing is not available at all places. It is only traced at the selected store and Daniel Licht is one of them for sure. At the store you have everything for the ladies and these are items like ladies aprons, belts, blouses, dirndls, lederhosens, pettipants, mieder, skirt sets, shoes, socks, ladies skirts, ladies Suspensers and ladies Spencers. You will find similar things in case of men too may be with one or two additions. The array is fabulous and complete and in the way you can have the complete range from the company.

About the Company
At Daniel Licht you are sure to find all authentic and stylish German dresses being represented y the leading German regions. You even find dresses from Bavaria. It is great to shop for German men’s and women’s clothes. The style is great and unique. You are sure to get astounded with the variety in Daniel Licht embroidery, also the kinds of import materials. In fact, the store makes it easy for the buyers to identify the right item and carry home the stuff with utter satisfaction. Yes, this is the authentic German store to make you happy with all the real stuffs in offer.

Contact Details
Contact Person — Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc.
Street Name — 347 Main Street
Address — 347 Main Street, Oley, Pennsylvania, 19547, U.S.A.
Telephone — 1-610-987-9496
Email ID — [email protected]