01 August, 2014: Here is another story of an online scam. The renowned website PayPal has stolen a very young man’s dream of an education. Darryl Thomas, the victim of a scam has lost all of his money in an online transaction through PayPal, and now he’s, involved in fund raising activities to try getting back in school and continuing his education.

Darryl was making his income from Bonanza.com as a seller to pay his school fees for computer graphic designing courses. He use to sell online to help pay his school tuition fee, monthly rent, and daily expenses. Recently, two orders for Canon digital cameras with lenses were placed from a single buyer through PayPal at Bonanza.com. The order was worth a little over $6,700, so the seller, Darryl was very excited to ship the products as he was hoping to gain a long-term customer and positive feedback from him.

Both orders were shipped correctly to the addresses customer entered during purchase, and Darryl ensured to always get signature confirmation for all orders to prove that the order was delivered. After 1o days, one day all funds were debited from his account, so he immediately called PayPal to figure out the reasons. The PayPal guy explained to him that a chargeable claim was filed against Darryl.

Fortunately, Darryl had all his proof ready to show, that buyer who filed claims for both orders, is the same who signed the acknowledgment they received it when the orders were delivered. He submitted the proof to PayPal along with a receipt of purchase that they received when the order was placed also. PayPal still held his funds for almost 2 months due to this transaction and after 2 months, one day he logged onto to his PayPal account and was surprised to see that the transaction he made with PayPal disappeared.

Darryl has not received any reason to date, why Papal has debited all of his money. It is the biggest disappointment for him as he waited respectfully for his money or products and now, when he has submitted all proofs to PayPal, he is neither getting any answer not did the transaction ID is working anymore to prove it.

It was the only income source for Darryl to pay his school fees and meet his living expense. Due to this scam, he has now been forced have to find a full time job to cover living expense. which in return has pushed him a few steps back from finishing school due to the lack of a school schedule.

Darryl Thomas has filed a case with the consumer protection agency, but PayPal still has not shared any detail with them either. His dream of becoming a graphic designer artiste has now vanished as PayPal has stolen his money, life, and education from just this single transaction.

Darryl has been actively seeking funds from every source willing to help. In his effort to continue his education.

To help support Darryl’s effort to get back in school go to: http://www.razoo.com/br/causes/How-Internet-Fraud-Has-Cost-A-Young-Man-S-Dream-Of-Education.

But what he truly wants is just a lawyer willing to take his case and bring him justice. Finding a lawyer in the state of Minnesota to go up against PayPal is tough and frustrating, Darryl said as he was expressing of how this fraud has affected his education and lively hood.

People who have also got into a life-alerting scam can join his FB page that he created to increase the awareness of scams and what outlets are best used to seek justice for people about such frauds. You may like to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/preventionlossgroup/.

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