Recently, Datian’s technical R&D department was granted many patents for invention and utility model, which include: self-operated micro pressure regulator , high pressure labyrinth pressure reduction structure. Among them, the successfully developed 30W01 Series self-operated micro pressure regulator has changed the current situation of dependence on imported micro pressure regulators.

The self-operated micro pressure regulator is mainly used to maintain constant pressure of the protection gas (generally nitrogen) at the top of the container, so as to prevent materials in the container from contacting the air, avoid volatilization and oxidation of materials and protect the safety of the container. It is especially suitable for gas sealing protection systems of various large-sized storage tanks control valve . The high pressure labyrinth pressure reduction structure is mainly used in service conditions with high pressure drop and cavitation in power station systems. Many tiny circuitous flow channels formed through electric discharge machining enhance fluid flow damping so as to realize the effect of pressure reduction.

Datian has been devoting itself to researching, developing and manufacturing high quality Self-operated control valve . Through continuous investments in the technology department over the years, we have developed a series of products having independent intellectual property rights and enhanced our core competitiveness.

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