David Wygant, an expert on dating and relationships, offers the single greatest dating tip of all time to men who are desperately seeking a way to build quality relationships with the opposite sex.

According to David Wygant, an expert dating coach as seen at www.davidwygant.com , people spend a lot of time telling men what they do not need to do when it comes to asking a woman out for a date.

However, Wygant points out that while knowing what not to do may be helpful, it does little good if the man does not understand what he is supposed to do when asking a woman for a date. This dating coach for men as seen at http://www.davidwygant.com/coaching-men/ offers some sound advice for men who want to ask a woman on a date by giving reliable advice that will work every time.

First, it is important to find out one unique thing about the woman in question. This could be anything that makes a man stand out as knowing something about a woman beyond her appearance. Second, it is important to approach a woman in a non-threatening location like a coffee shop. Finally, a man should use the knowledge he has gained about her to end the interaction quickly and ask for a phone number with which to contact her again. In other words, the man should put a time limit on the talk so that she feels a sense of urgency to talk to him more and end with a request for her number so that he can continue the interaction on favorable terms.

By using this simple tip, men can ask women out successfully and feel confident that they will have a chance for a date. David Wygant, expert at understanding women as seen at http://www.davidwygant.com/blog/relationships/i-dont-understand-women/ , offers this and other advice through his network of videos and blogs to help men date successfully.

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An expert in dating and relationships, David Wygant is able to help men who want to conquer their fears and learn to ask women out successfully.

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