Dead Trigger 2 Cheat tool has been around for quiet a few months and it seems to be growing rapidly as reported by the developers. With the game already a hit with millions of users, this cheat is an extra  tool that can help users finish the game with ease. Like any other game, it has challenging tasks which needs to be completed before any increase in level.  With tasks getting harder level by level, it takes days to complete one level. Dead Trigger 2 Cheats was launched with the aim of providing extra hand to players so that they get infinite resources and complete any levels in few hours.

Dead Trigger 2 Cheat tool is equiped with two sections, the first is the Connect Tab and the second is the Hack Tab. In order to start using the tool, players must first connect to the game server through the Connect tab. While connecting, players need to eneter their email address and username. It also supports four platofors i.e. iOS, Android, PC, and Facebook. Players need to choose one from the provided options and then click the Connect button.

In the second section, which is the Hack Tab, players can choose which cheats they want to apply. There are 6 differennt types of cheats available on the tool, players can either choose all or any of the provided cheats. In Add Gold and Add Money, players can choose the amount from the drop down menu, while Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Health, God Mod, and All Weapons need to be ticked. In order to start hacking, press the Add Hacks button ans wait for the messsage Hacks Successfully Added.

With a very friendly user-interface, it also comes with online security. The Use Proxy hides IP address and location of users. Players are recommended to activate it before connecting to the server. Also, it comes with Safe Mode and Fast Mode options.  For more information please go to





This website provides full review on Dead Trigger 2 Cheats. Players can download the hack tool from here to get infinite gold and weapons.


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