New York City, New York — DECEMBER 2015: A mark of a true musician or composer is one that creates a piece of work that evokes emotion in the listener. To create something across the vast spectrum of time that sparks a deeper level of thought is what Moldavian musician SERGE BULAT has effectively done.

Over the course of 14 months he has culminated a musical experience project entitled “Queuelbum”, which features a completely 100% embodied work of strictly instrumental music.  Along with the pairing of visual arts by MICHAEL RFDSHIR and narrative prose, he has created something that enables the listener to become a traveler through time.  It is a body of work that encompasses Serge's love for music and showcases his development through the combination of key influential genres in his life such as; trip-hop, down tempo and ambient electronica. Though these all hold their influence in the music in their singular form the key to know is that the blend of Serge's love for them in a whole then creates a unique musical experience all its own.

This blend breaks the rules to take the listener on a journey across the typical musical boundaries their ears may know.  It sparks thoughts and emotions that let your mind drift to another place to essentially run free exploring the essence of time itself. Serge has developed an amazingly deep concept, yet broken it down to be consumed in an enjoyable audible manner.

From Serge's time growing up in Moldova playing piano to working in radio to his recent re-location to New York City to live out his musical dreams he has thrived in a music environment.  This becomes extremely clear in the amount of depth and time that has been put into the album. With your help on his Kickstarter campaign you can become a living part of this amazing project. There are various donation levels to become involved and even the smallest contribution would help make this story more of a success.  Serge invites you to travel with him through this experience and be a focal point in helping him achieve his next dream. Join the Q-Movement!

Listen to the exclusive version of “RED SHIFT MOTEL”:

Watch “QUEUELBUM: A music guide to time travel”:

Watch “WALKER”:

Serge Bulat is available for interviews, press, media, and bookings currently. Please contact him directly with your questions and correspondence.


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New York City