The Ninth Criminal Chamber of the National District of Santo Domingo issued on Friday June 24 arrest warrant and declared in absentia to the attorney Juan Manuel Suero who for a long time was devoted to defame through social networks to telecommunications entrepreneur, engineer Frank Jorge Elias.

After Jorge Elias file formal complaint against defamation and libel Suero there have been several hearings in which today prevented has not been submitted.

The legal representative of Mr. Jorge Elias, Dr. Jesus Feliz express that “with your comments and hurtful statements and outrageous Juan Manuel Suero violent legal provisions of the Law 6132 on Expression and Dissemination of Thought and 5397 Crimes and High Tech Crime “.

Juan Manuel Suero was dedicated to damaging remarks against the honor and reputation of the Jorge Elias family and his person, so must face before his assertions, but has not done so, accurate, Jesus Feliz.

Again the engineer Frank Jorge Elias warned that would lead to justice all those who dedicate themselves to defame him by social networks or any other means. In the legal action filed by the telecommunications entrepreneur, against serum prison and a compensation of 40 million pesos requested.

Juan Manuel Suero was also submitted in federal court in the United States by Mrs. Sandra Kurdas, who states in his submission she was the victim of fraud, deceit and negligence serum with Plinio Calixto Pina Mendez, Richard Benoit Dominguez and Pachisrty Ramirez Pacheco who were their legal representatives during the divorce proceedings and amicable agreement with engineer Frank Jorge Elias.