There was a time when decorating the walls of the room meant for kids were done using wallpapers or through colorful and bright paints. People used to get colorful geometric paints done on the walls of their kids’ rooms to enliven the ambience of the room. But nowadays it has become easy to transform the looks of a kid’s room, by just applying wall decals. If you do not know, these self-sticking decals are vinyl films with pictures of animals, cartoons and nature done over it. All you have to do is to place the wall stickers over the right place on the walls and press the stickers in one direction to smoothly fix it. It is like asking an artist to draw a picture on the wall.


These stickers are safer and cheaper than expensive paints and wallpapers

Wall decals are just like the stickers you see pasted on the surfaces of automobiles, boats, buses and other hard surfaces. They can beautify the interiors of a room without the need to spend on expensive paints and also on the high fees charged by professional painters. These decals are safe for babies too, as they do not have any fumes, as in the case with, even the safest of paints. Also, you need not worry about your expensive paint getting damaged, if your son hits the walls with a hard and sharp object. Even if your son hits these wall stickers with his cricket or baseball bat, you can easily remove them and replace them with new ones, as it’s inexpensive too.


If you have no idea how to begin with decorating the walls for your kid’s room, just browse through all the types of wall decals available on the internet. You will be pleasantly surprised to find a huge variety of wall stickers based upon different themes. There are separate stickers for boys and stickers meant to please little girls too. So what more to ask for? Choose the wall decals as per the gender of your child, so that your son is also happy and also your daughter.


Change them as and when you need

The good thing about wall decals is that you can replace them with ease as and when the taste of your child changes with advancing age. While cartoons, especially the characters from Walt Disney etc. continue to dominate the market, as far as decals for kids’ rooms are concerned, one category of wall stickers that have become very popular these days is tree decals. These tree stickers come in many sizes and shapes to suit the requirements of your kid’s room.


Boys are by nature adventurous and love stickers that depict various modes of transport such as cars, planes, ships, bikes etc. On the other hand, girls have a liking for dolls and flowers. You can find a large assortment of stickers with floral patterns to match your little angel’s taste. You can always ask your children which stickers they would like affixed on their walls, so that later there is no confusion and everybody is happy at the end of the day.


Wall stickers or wall decals can now be purchased online at discounted rates.