China - A professional canvas prints supplier tell you about the Decorative Painting Selection, please see as below:

1. Living room, as a main place in a house, is the most attractive place and connects the interior and the exterior, host and guest. The painting theme, colors and style of decorative painting hung in the living room should be consolidated with furniture and decoration. Usually, there is a large set of photo on canvas artwork with strong visual effect on the main wall of living room, giving the room much annotation and sublimation.

2. A piece of bright, elegant and tender canvas art in the dining room makes people joyful during dining time. It always gives us refreshing atmosphere and a good appetite. The best size for wall hanging painting should be around 50*60 CM. Classical still-life painting, such as fruits, flowers would be the traditional choice. However, we can pick one that we favorite, just like Red Wine, Blue Sky or Green Mountains and Water etc.

Note: The color should be soft and fresh; the painting should be tidy and clean and the brushing should be fine and vivid. If the dining room is connected with living room, it'd better to coordinate with that in living room.

3. The bedroom is the breeding ground of nice dream and wild fantasy; the activator of reality and delusion. Since bedroom is the private place for host, so we needn't rigidly adhere to painting themes, but choose the one gives us comfortable and warmly romantic atmosphere. It's recommended that the body painting, warm color scenery painting, classical with more abstract style painting with size about 90*135 CM. The best place to hang a canvas painting is right up the head of bed. We need to consider both overall coordination and local contrast during choosing paintings for bedroom, to project d¨¦cor effect through visual contrast.

Note: Must put two hooks for hanging the painting art. By the way, Maple painting face also selling cheap canvas prints Australia and do dropshipping business in Australia. You can contact us for more details if you needed.

4. Artwork for study, to large extent, is the expansion of living room canvas art. However, with its own character, it's different for the main point. Firstly, study space is smaller, so we shouldn't select large size d¨¦cor canvas. Not too small either or it can't show the painting content completely. Secondly, we should keep "Quiet" and "View" in our mind. The paintings theme for study shouldn't be too dynamic; meanwhile, the color should be soft and a bit cold to have "Quiet" atmosphere. What's important, the wall art should have a strong sense of hierarchy and far extended sense of tension to enlarge the study space and relieve our eyes' tiredness. Except for harmony and artistic quality, we need to select the art theme with more strong historic culture to reach "view" sublimation.

5. It's suggested to have lucid and lively art cartoon wall decoration for child room. Not just decorating the room but also brings the art of enlightenment and perceptual training for child.

6. Washing room and kitchen, in the special condition with much moisture and oil, it has higher requirement for the painting material. So, a kind of art wall printed on tile is much proper for this environment.

7. Putting canvas arts on the two sides of long corridor or stairs, with soft light and classical music to make a dazzling artistic gallery. Such scene is always seen in foreign movies. Corridor and stairs are the connection of room space in a house, so it's free to d¨¦cor such space, but keep the two places paintings in a same level, size and frame in a proper height with suitable light, that's ok.

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