Deepika has been the show stopper this year with giving four ‘100 crore’ movies to box office. While the industry is singing praises to this model turned actress, her humble nature is something that everyone has been chatting about. She has always been standing tall at every stage but it was at the Renault STAR Guild Awards that put her down!


Confused? Don’t be. It so happened that when the tall actress went to collect her award on stage, she was greeted mischievously by Salman!


He was amazed to see how tall she was and in his candid style asked Deepika to match him, without batting an eyelid the actress stepped out of her high heels to reach his height. The actress happily obliged his request and won an applause.


Catch Deepika and Salman Khan the host of the Renault STAR GUILD Awards this February 2nd at 8.00 pm only on STAR Plus!




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