20, December 2014: Finally a technology that can help to protect against harmful computer radiation. Introducing- DefenderShield ‘the most sophisticated radiation shielding technology ever developed.’

For many years it has been said that since the introduction of technology that has helped man carve out a positive history, we have also exposed ourselves to death.

Computers and other computer related equipment have been used to assist in the development of the world but have proven scientifically in the last few years to be the source of dangerous low and high electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that causes cancers and other ailments in the body.

Icaro Innovation has been engaged in the testing and development to find a way to solve this problem. This tenacious effort has resulted in DefenderShield. Many persons will be thankful to them for generating such an ingenious idea that will save many lives and lessen health risks caused by computer generated electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Structured to provide protection from the radiation emitted from the back of the tablet, the IPad Shield by DefenderShield is the only product on the market that is designed to protect from all forms of tablet radiation. In addition, it is FCC certified and has been laboratory tested to provide protection from low frequency radiation, Wi-Fi radiation, Bluetooth radiation, cellular radiation and heat radiation.

This great protector comes in a size to fit any large or small tablet ranging from seven inches to ten inches and cost between $74.99 to $89.99, which is far less than paying for funeral arrangements, as life is priceless.

Compatible is not an issue as the IPad shield by DefenderShield can be used for tablet devices such as iPad, Nexus, Galaxy and Kindle and comes in a variety of colours, is extremely light weight and matches accordingly to the size of the device.

Based in the US, Icaro Innovators is a team of EMR engineer experts whose aim is to provide effect shielding solutions from EMR which is believed to be harmful to the human body. During their many years of research they aimed to develop a shield solution that will protect the average computer, laptop and tablet use from ‘extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This means protection from a myriad of health risks that radiation from laptops, tablets and cell phones may cause.’

Barbara L a customer had this to say about DefenderShield, “I bought these for my teenage sons because they’re always playing games on their laptops and I want to have grandchildren one day!”

Tested, proven, tried and all at an affordable price. DefenderShield has proven to be the best, most well thought out protection device available to consumers that is guaranteed to protect against health risks such as fertility problems in men and women, DNA fragmentation (irreversible changes to the genetic code), toasted skin syndrome (Erythema ab igne) and burns and rashes.

Take advantage of their most prestigious offer of a thirty day money back guarantee with one year limited warranty and own the new IPad DefenderShield to get maximum protection from harmful EMF’s now!

Visit them at https://www.defendershield.com/shop/tablet-radiation-protection-case/ for more information or their office at:

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