April 27 , Shenzhen (China): BlackBerry users don‘t need to worry about their precious deleted snaps any more- our sources report of the Wondershare Photo Recovery software which is promising a life restoration service for the deleted photos from the cell restoring them in the device. The image recovery software has been developed by the Chinese software developer Wondershare.

“We can understand how much your BlackBerry captured snaps were dear to you and thus have come up with a very advanced Photo Recovery software which will retrieve deleted photos , all of them so that you never miss out on your timeless captures”, remark Wondershare while discussing about its latest image recovery program. The site has brought in the snap rescue software both for the Windows and Mac version. Apart from the BlackBerry, the software is reportedly capable to recover deleted photos from PC hard drives and many exterior storage devices.

“It‘s great to note that Wondershare Photo Recovery Software would easily restore your deleted photos, whether it was accidentally deleted from its original slot or has been unconsciously emptied from Trash or Recycle Bin”, shares the Chinese software developer with our sources. The users can download their preferred version of the software from the Wondershare website only.

Wondershare Photo Recovery Software promises an easy run and fast operation, our sources find. The developer has presented the operational instructions on recovering deleted photos via its particular Photo Recovery Program.

“It‘s really simple you need to just connect your cell memory card with PC & run the software on the computer which would be followed by your card selection and scanning. The as our Photo recovery program brings back your deleted photos check them to assure proper restoration. Now, simply choose the needed ones and press “Recover”, your precious snaps are back to you”, the software developer shares the operational information with our sources.

However, Wondershare has repeatedly warned not to store more images the moment one has accidentally deleted the photos as it will overwrite over the apparently deleted snaps and result in complete loss of the pictures.

Wondershare Photo recovery software comes in a free download version “so that our users can preview and make sure that all their needed photos are restored before actually paying for it”, Wondershare adds further.

About Wondershare: Wondershare is a fast growing Shenzen based company that develops and publishes consumer software. They are dedicated to developing the best in software products and services, and have offices located in many countries including China, Japan, USA, and Germany.