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New Delhi, October 10, 2013:Each war, its soldiers and most importantly its weapons, allhave a story to be told. From unveiling secret weaponry of the past to analyzing weapons and defenses that have played a prominent role in modern combatto covering latest innovations and breakthroughs that could play a role in the future, SCIENCE OF WARbrings you all these stories and more.

Airing every day at 10 PM, SCIENCE OF WARis a special compilation that provides viewers with a different perspective to conflict and war. Filmed in the most unbelievable grounds around the world, the programming line-up shares exciting insights on the evolution of weapons. This is yet another cutting-edge offering from the channel that is known for its breakthrough programming and for bringing science closer to its viewers.

Rahul Johri, Senior VP and General Manager — South Asia and Head of Revenue, Pan - Regional Ad Sales and Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia Pacificsaid, “SCIENCE OF WARtakes a fascinating look at the history of weapons and their development over time while revealing curious and lesser known facts about them. Itis sure to enthrall our viewerswho continue to expect the unusual from our programmes.”

The dedicated programming band featuresFUTURE WEAPONS,which showcases the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations.  Hosts Paul Robbins and Phil Cowans, (Next Step's Answer Guys)show how cutting-edge science and technology can actually become a part of everyday life.

In HEAVY METAL TASK FORCE, amazing machines and their elite crews take on some of the planet's most incredible and dangerous engineering challenges. With millions of dollars, hundreds of lives and entire cities on the line, youshout out for the heavy metal task force.





WEAPONOLOGY discovers what links a 19th Century Scottish pastor to the assault rifle, a seed-planting device to the machine gun, and how a pizza delivery boy became the Henry Ford of body armor.

SUPER WEAPONS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD isa treat for viewers with a taste for terrifying secret weapons one of which was created by Greek genius Archimedes, a weapon thatplucked Roman warships from the sea and smashed them against the rocks. A whole Roman fleet was forced to abandon its assault on Archimedes home city of Syracuse in 213 BC.

Following this isSHOWDOWN: AIR COMBATin which fighter pilots joust on aerial steeds made of steel, speeding through the skies at hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles per hour. Their goal is toget the other guy before he gets them.

Enter theWAR ZONEwherecrisis zone cameras ride along with doctors, nurses, psychologists, engineers, and logisticians - joining them as they leave the comforts of home for some of the planet's most troubled hotspots. Whether it's a civil war in Burundi or an epidemic in Uzbekistan, Crisis Zone offers a unique inside look at the lives of humanitarian workers facing their own fears and struggling to make a difference.

Travel the world of military machines and technology with COMBAT COUNTDOWN. See them in action and meet the brave soldiers who use this kit every day.


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