App developer Mojo Game Studio, have announced a major update to their amazingly received new title for 2017's android market — Demolition Derby Speedway, “The update will allow users to move away from a pure  banger racing championship driven model, to a more single race experience, paving the way for pure demo derby races, and our planned multiplayer version”, said a spokesperson at the company.

Promising more carnage and destruction, twisted metal and frenzied driving the new quick race mode, allows the user more control of parameters like the desired number of laps and number of opponents. Some tracks allowing a total of 45 competitor drivers.

Also introduced in this forthcoming update will be Smeathorpe (Ringwood) Raceway or otherwise called Matchams raceway, built on an old airfield, this short oval tarmac track will sure please the stock car purists among us. In addition to Ringwood, Banger Park speedway get's a new figure of 8 track, for mental mashup's and big hits you know it's gonna get messy if the kiwi's get involved.

The game continues to receive multiple 5 star reviews, for more information and free  game download, please visit:

About: Mojo Game Studio is an independent mobile game developer with an aim to delivering entertaining and immersive games for all ages.

Name : C Banwell
[email protected]
Location : Kilkenny, Ireland