Standards of the dental care are improving in Alexandria, due to the efforts of Dr. Phan.

Ensuring the meet the long-term requirement of quality dental care and health, the dental care has recently seen a great deal of improvement in Alexandria, VA.

Dental health and care has been among the top priority of the Alexandria recent for a long time. However, with the recent advancements in the field of medicine and technology, the need for the improvement in the equipment and treatment standards was felt. To meet this growing need, the latest medical equipment has been introduced by the top dentists in Alexandria VA.

One of the clinics that have taken steps to facilitate the oral hygienic needs of the people is the Phan Family Dentistry. Though Dr. Phan and her staff has been providing excellent services since 2003, using the latest technology has always been their top priority. Use of the latest tools and technology is one of the main reasons behind the improved dental care in Alexandria.

The technology and tools at Dr. Phan’s dental clinic include: Panorex, Digital X-Ray, Oral Cancer screenings, Intraoral camera, Rotatory Endodontics, and Electric handpieces. All of these services ensure that the Alexandria residents get the dental care with highest possible standards.

The residents of Alexandria also regard this as a very positive change. The happiness can be seen in the numerous testimonials and feedback comments, as can be seen on the Dr. Phan’s official website.

In one of the testimonials, Carol Keightley, while expressing the high level of satisfaction wrote, “Dr. Phan is a very knowledgeable dentist, finds problems other dentists miss. Dr. Dao is extremely good. I always feel “orbitz” fresh mouth when I leave. Can’t think of a bad thing to say! I love ‘em.”

Numerous other similar testimonials are also available which show that people are highly satisfied.
Dr. Phoung X. Phan is one of the leading dentists in Alexandria VA. Her clinic, the Phan Family Dentistry is one of the most technologically advanced Dental clinics in Alexandria. Dr. Phan is a knowledgeable dentist, and has been running her practice since 2003, ever since she moved to Alexandria. The clinic provides numerous services which include: Cosmetic dentistry, Tooth-colored fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Root canal therapy, Dentures & partials, Dental implants, Implant crowns, Extractions, Orthodontics, and 24-hour emergency care.
Name: Phuong Phan
Email: [email protected]
1225 Martha Custis Drive ~ Suite C6
Alexandria, VA 22302
Telephone: 703-931-6344