When it comes to emotional disorders, such as anxiety or depression, a good treatment is one that manages to heal the mind permanently. Medication is often just temporary, while alternative medicine such as acupuncture can be a much more efficient depression treatment Charlottesville. Robert Clickner is one of the specialists who can help patients get away from their depression or stress anxiety Charlottesville forever.
Approximately one out of five people have suffered from depression at least once in their lifetime. Of course, feeling sad is not unnatural, especially after going through a loss, but when it comes to depression these feelings tend to last much longer and they are more intense. Many people turn to medication in such cases, in order to be able to deal with the large amount of negative emotions. However, depression treatment Charlottesville can be done with methods that do not imply medication.
In a similar way, anxiety is another disorder caused by intense emotions, with the exception that it is caused by the inability to cope with stress. The individual who suffers from anxiety can go through a series of symptoms, either at a physical level, or at cognitive, emotional or behavioral levels. People can have personalities that make them more prone to becoming anxious, while it is also believed that this disorder can be transmitted hereditary. Nevertheless, biochemical factors may also have something to do with it. A treatment of stress anxiety Charlottesville should follow the roots of the problem.
Acupuncture is a traditional form of medicine developed in ancient China, which works based on the principle of stimulating specific points on the body in order to recreate the balance of energy of the organism. That can be possible by using channels known as meridians. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body and the mind are interacting as one. In this way, emotions can hurt the body, while the body can be used to heal the mind. By treating the parts of the body that are in relation with specific emotions, anxiety or depression can be eliminated.
Robert Clickner is a specialist who first started by working with acupuncture. Treating people is his real calling, as he discovered at the beginning of his career, when he decided to join an acupuncture school in New Mexico. After getting his Master’s Degree in 1999, Robert Clickner started learning even more as an apprentice of Vincent Black, a martial arts instructor and dedicated practitioner of Chinese medicine.
Bodywork techniques work amazingly with Chinese medicine practices and that motivated Robert to learn more and improve his skills. Practicing internal medicine later allowed him to gain even more skills so he can finally open his own clinic in Charlottesville in 2002. He can now provide effective treatments for stress anxiety Charlottesville and depression.
Apart from treating stress anxiety Charlottesville, Robert Clickner can work with a wide range of conditions, such as: cardiac diseases, eating disorders, children and women’s health issues, skin care or respiratory problems. His depression treatment Charlottesville focuses on releasing the tension and relaxing the body and the mind of his patients.